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1) With This Form, You may type in your information right here online and then print it out.
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Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Delivery

Sound Body does not process purchase orders, and we do NOT have a credit card payment system available. However, orders can be process through the PayPal system (the larger, Long Term Deyhydrated Food Units may be purchased using Credit Cards through an arrangement with the manufacturer -- see the link at the catalog page).

All orders must be prepaid.  Orders are processed within about 2 weeks from our receipt of your order (1st class mail to us is running about 7 working days), and most items (excluding health/preparedness) are shipped ground rate (which is presently running about 8-12 days). To rush an order, please add 10% to the total (including postpaid totals) to pay for expedited shipping. This can shorten the turnaround cycle by up to a week, but please be patient as we are working as hard as we can. Sound Body accepts Cash, Checks, Money Orders, or Precious Metals. Last but not least, please remember the truth is never tax deductible. 

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