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September 12, 2017


Sound Body Addresses The Fact That Certain Stand Alone Vitamins Are Dangerous


This week, the Sound Body TV Show, hosted by Alternative Health Care Expert Susan Lenox, will address some little known facts. Utilizing some marvelous data from Dr Joel Fuhrman’s new work Super Immunity, this episode of Sound Body confirms what Susan has been saying for many years. To restore and/or develop vibrant health, real food is required. As the author of the best selling book Eat To Live, Fuhrman’s latest data shatters many myths.

For example, many women who have had regular pre-natal health advice can testify that doctors have long suggested pregnant women have been told to emphasize the importance of folic acid supplements (Vitamin B9) in the belief that it helps to prevent birth defects. We now know this was (and is) very bad advice. Women who rely on a pill instead of absorbing desired vitamins or minerals through the consumption of real food, have found this approach leads to a plethora of health problems in children. Research has shown increases in childhood asthma, infant respiratory tract infections, and even cardiac birth defects, when the mother consumed solitary vitamins.

Conversely, children of women who consumed Vitamin B9 in their food during pregnancy were less likely to develop ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Susan also notes statistics that show a reduction in childhood cancer rates, when the moms-to-be consumed folate found in green foods during their pregnancy, and did not take stand alone folic acid vitamin supplements. Susan also covers the little known fact that people taking Vitamin A in a pill (as opposed to consuming it in good food itself) have seen increases in lung cancer and even mortality rates!

There is a great deal more in this week’s episode of the alternative health TV and radio program Sound Body. Those familiar with our approach know that on the Sound Body show, host Susan  Lenox shoots straight from the hip, and those who are genuinely interested in the truth concerning the how and why of the deteriorating circumstances of life in the modern world will find this program quite interesting. 

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22).

Coupled with her insight into the spiritual dimension, this week’s Sound Body is another crash course into how our world’s health care systems (to say nothing of the toxic environment) are under the control of a dark Spiritual power, and should not be blindly accepted as authoritative.

Frequently emphasizing non-mainstream issues of nutrition and good health, Susan Lenox has a unique ability to explain many very complex processes. Viewers of our TV show (and listeners to the radio version) understand these alternative health approaches are in keeping with the Christian Media worldview, in that we recognize we are fearfully and wonderfully made – and God desires to give us abundant life. In this latest installment of the Sound Body TV show we continue to address the dysfunctional processes now emerging as a result of our foolish modern lifestyle, and we are willing to reveal the uncomfortable truth of the matter.

Susan connects all the dots in this informative installment of the Internet TV series, and viewing of the show is completely free, so everyone should see it. 

There’s a great deal more in this installment and, as usual, the new episode of Sound Body shows Susan is well ahead of the curve. Catch the radio version of the show this week on any of the three Christian Media networks (CMN, GEO, and V), or access the one hour video free of charge for the next week at Soundbody dot tv. 

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Please note how we type out the website addresses, using the word “dot” for the . which precedes the domain type (com, net, info, etc). This is because although our people request this material, in an era of fake news, and media manipulation of the facts due to hidden financial ties, the parties which control the Internet have targeted our emails under their Sp*m automation computer routines, in an ongoing effort to block information which is disruptive to certain vested interests. We experience censorship on our Christian materials as well.

The Sound Body outreach of the Christian Media ministry has been aware of much of this data for years, and now we find ourselves gratefully looking back at the choices made some time ago. More information on the various approaches Sound Body recommends for vibrant health may be found at the Soundbody dot tv website.

Susan Lenox knows what she’s talking about, as she has repeatedly examined the multi-national conspiracy to dominate the global medical and food production systems, and has been writing and broadcasting on the subject for the last 15 years.

Susan has produced many studio CD programs, and multiple DVD documentaries, including Venomous Intent: The Plot To Control World Health Care, and American Genocide – The Truth About Vaccines in America. This week’s informative episode, which tells the story of Dr. Jerry Tennent and his innovative approach to heal himself, will be aired on the Internet free of charge for the next week.   

Last but not least, the Sound Body television program, hosted by Susan Lenox, recently published a new edition of the Sound Body periodical. As there are still folks who avoid the Internet (like some of our older family members), Sound Body still prints a larger periodical covering alternative health in hard copy, for postal mailing.

Readers interested in the Sound Body printed periodical can request a complimentary copy by sending an email to James@ChristianMediaNetwork dot com with the words SOUND BODY in the subject. Please remember to include your name and postal mailing address! 


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We have made every effort to restrict the Eblast edition of Sound Body to those who have exhibited an interest in alternative approaches to health. However, we occasionally make mistakes! (believe it or not J). If you do not wish to receive Sound Body, simply hit REPLY and put the word REMOVE in the subject line, and we will cheerfully remove your Email name from our database. 


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Trans Dermal Magnesium

We've learned that Magnesium has been hugely depleted from everyone's bodies, causing a huge list of problems. Even though Magnesium is a basic mineral we require to survive, Magnesium levels in humans has been dropping steadily for over 100 years, and this is disastrous.

This deficiency is linked to dozens of conditions such as hypoglycemia, Kidney disease, blood clots, diabetes, Osteoporosis, heart disease, High Blood Pressure, and much more.

There are several ways to get Magnesium into your system, and it takes time to build up, but we've learned that Trans Dermal Magnesium, which is Magnesium Chloride, can be sprayed directly on your body, and quickly absorbed through your skin. Many know we always use a product at Sound Body before offering it, and we're thrilled at how fast this works. Both James and Susan at Sound Body sprayed it all over their bodies after a shower, and saw improvement on the very first day, including a drop in high blood pressure.

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Natto Kinase

Poor circulation and blood clots are blamed for a huge number of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths every year, but a Japanese compound called Natto has been used for years in the orient, as an all natural remedy.

Circulation is related to all sorts of maladies like high blood pressure, thrombosis, and even varicose veins, but Natto has been shown to even dissolve blood clots.

Natto is a bacteria derived from soy, and it produces an enzyme that cleans the arteries. Doctors prescribe expensive drugs with huge side effects – drugs like Plavix, Warfarin, Coumadin, and even Aspirin, which thin the blood and harm the liver, but the new formula called Natto Kinase is an all natural approach that works wonders!

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Oxygen Bar

Research shows that Oxygen is being steadily depleted all around the world, and a lack of oxygen is related to all kinds of maladies. For instance, the Nobel Prize was given for the discovery that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment, thus the more oxygen absorbed into your body, the better.

But how do we increase our Oxygen? Hospitals and outpatients are still being oxygenated with bulky, compressed air tanks for seriously ill patients, but now there is a better way. When Oxygen Concentrators were first developed (they use no tanks and never need a refill), entrepreneurs in cities with bad smog set up "Oxygen Bars," and charged downtown city dwellers for a blast of oxygen to help pay for the expensive machines -- but now they're much more affordable.

The Oxygen Bar runs on standard AC outlet electricity, and looks like a telephone headset - and just 10 minutes a day breathing while the Oxygen Bar is pumping out concentrated oxygen, can work real wonders for your mind and body.

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Testostro Plus

Testostro Plus is a powerful, comprehensive herbal formula for men that addresses the need for testosterone supplementation. Studies show that a comprehensive all natural compound, that enhances testosterone while inhibiting the conversion of the male hormone to estrogen, is very beneficial to middle age men. Further, evidence suggests testosterone is good for heart health, anemia, and even mental clarity! It enhances energy, endurance, and certainly helps the libido.

As men age, testosterone drops markedly, and it's becoming clear that mainstream medicine tries to discourage testosterone supplementation based on a politicized agenda that has manipulated the anecdotal data against such products. In other words, testosterone supplementation is being discouraged based on a desired goal of lethargy and docility in the populace.

Testostro Plus is the answer to a renewed vitality, so Sound Body highly recommends this all natural formula for men who are 30 plus years of age.

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Venomous Intent

An enlightening production from the Sound Body ministry, the Lenox sisters have thoroughly researched the globalist effort to surreptitiously seize control of all aspects of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition.

Susan and Kristin go back a century to the early stages of the non-profit foundations, and so-called "standardization" efforts which were clearly designed to stifle true innovation. Included are case histories of medical prodigies who were intentionally destroyed by the political/monetary machinery of medical commerce.

Venomous Intent further documents the connection between globalism and the corporate powers that are bent on control of every person's body, in a nefarious effort to politically dominate the world. An outstanding study, Venomous Intent should be viewed by all who foolishly continue to trust the mainstream medical establishment with their very lives.

Details Here!

Crash Course

The Sound Body CRASH COURSE IN 21st CENTURY SURVIVAL is a 2-hour television special covering four primary areas that pose threats to our health.

Hosted by Susan Lenox, with her co-host James Lloyd, the 4-part Crash Course addresses Internal Cleansing, the Nutrition Crisis, Symptom Relief, and escalating Environmental issues.

Details Here!

MSM Creme

This is one of the most remarkable products you'll ever experience! Many in the alternative health movement know about the healing properties of organic sulphur (Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM), and some have tried several commercially available compounds that use a minimal amount of MSM, but this all natural cream was actually originally conceived as a beauty cream! Don't get me wrong, Women absolutely rave about how it makes their facial skin feel, but we found that if you have ANY body pain associated with muscles, tendons, or ligaments, this "beauty" cream will take away the pain!

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